New York/Long Island Region

The New School

Ms. Alisa Bayes
Director for Residence
Phone: 212-229-5459 X3616

CUNY Law School

Dr. Angela Joseph
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 718-340-4331

Lehman College

Dr. Christine Rota-Donahue
Assistant Professor, Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Phone: 718-960-8017
St. John’s University

Dr. Elizabeth Ciabocci
Vice Provost for Digital Learning
Phone: 718-990-6113

Stony Brook University

Dr. Patricia Aceves
Director, The Faculty Center
Phone: 631-632-2786

New York Institute of Technology

Ms. Mary Ann Achtziger
Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 516-686-3775

Adelphi University

Ms. Lisa Araujo
Associate VP for Human Resources and Labor Relations
Phone: 516-877-3230

Vaughn College

John Jay College

Ramelli Choates, Ph.D.
Ms. Rulisa Galloway-Perry
Chief of Staff
Phone: 212-237-8601