Sue Maxam receives 2nd Annual NYSACEWN Catalyst Award

Sue Maxam

Sue Maxam, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education, Pace University

Congratulations to Dr. Sue Maxam—the 2015 recipient of the NYSACEWN Catalyst Award!

The “ACE Catalyst Award” is awarded on an annual basis to a woman leader in higher education who: exemplifies the mission of ACE/National Network of Women Leaders; dedicates herself to higher education by serving her students, colleagues, and institution generously; demonstrates a personal commitment to professional growth and enrichment; unselfishly gives her time and energy in assisting other women in their professional development as a mentor and role model; and advances and promotes higher education through collaborative efforts across disciplines in academics, government, and business communities.

A little about Sue….

She is the Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Education at Pace University where she has worked for the past 26 years in a variety of progressively responsible leadership roles relating to retention, advising, student engagement, academic enrichment, and career services. In her current position, Sue provides oversight to 5 units within the Division for Student Success and her primary goal is to create a transformative experience for all students at Pace.

As an undergraduate student working in the shantytowns of Peru back in the early 1980s, she formed women’s empowerment groups aimed at educating women to advocate for their rights. Since then, she has made it her mission to continue educating, mentoring and empowering women on the higher education (students and staff) level as well as those less fortunate (victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, etc.). Additionally, she is

(1) leading a university-wide initiative to bring all Pace women’s initiatives under one umbrella so as to support other women in their personal and professional development;

(2) serving as a mentor to 4 Pace employees through a formal mentoring program (while also serving as an informal mentor to many others);

(3) the founder of Pace’s Women’s Empowerment Network (for students);

(4) the Institutional liaison for American Council on Education/Women Leaders in Higher Education (Westchester/Rockland Region);

(5) the former member of the ACE/Women Leaders in Higher Education Board of Directors as the Regional Representative;

(6) teaching women’s empowerment and social justice courses;

(7) engaging in volunteer work aimed at empowering others to effectuate positive social change; and

(8) leading efforts to create the first human trafficking crime mapping project of its kind in conjunction with 20 Pace students and an international NGO dedicated to ending human trafficking.

Sue has traveled widely to developing countries in Latin America and Africa, participating in peace, justice and educational efforts. Her doctorate is in Higher Education Leadership with a focus on social justice. Sue’s motto for life and work is: be the change you want to see in the world.

Our sincere thanks to Sue for her many significant contributions to her institution, the community at large and to the American Council on Education at the state and regional level. She simply makes the world a better place!

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