Welcome to Sharon deVivo!

Sharon deVivoACEWN welcomes Dr. Sharon DeVivo as the new Executive Board Secretary. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at Vaughn College in Queens, New York. In a prior position, she worked at Fordham University and CW Post in the areas of Public relations and Public Affairs. During her tenure at Vaughn, Dr. DeVivo has lead two strategic planning efforts resulting in the development of engineering, management and aviation programs and a Master of Science degree. She has been a member of ACEWN since 2011 as the New York City/Long Island regional representative. During this time, her primarily involvement was in the annual Women of Color Conference. Dr. DeVivo has a Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. On a personal note, she was a “Navy Brat” and attended 17 school in 12 years. She is active in her church and an assistant scout master for the Boy Scouts of America.

Welcome Dr. Sharon DeVivo!

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