Welcoming Satasha Green

ACEWN is delighted to introduce our new secretary on the Board of Directors, Satasha Green.

Currently, Satasha is the Dean at the School of Education at NYIT.  In this capacity, she prepares teachers at the Graduate level to achieve a Masters of Education in Child Education and Instructional Technology.  Courses at NYIT  promote the use technology especially in the delivery of science and math education. Her guidance is fostering education leadership in this higher education community.

Prior to this position,  Satasha was the Associate Dean of Education at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. Students from tribes throughout the state had the benefit of taking on-line courses and on-site classes in rural villages in Alaska.   Prior to this work, she was on the faculty of the State College of Buffalo. Satasha is a committed educator and an active participant on the Council for Exceptional Children.

ACEWN extends a warm welcome to Satasha.

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