Reflections on the 2012 NYS ACEWN Conference: The New Normal in Academia: Navigating Through Times of Turbulent Changes

As plans begin for the 2013 annual conference, there are reflections on last June annual conference that are worth sharing.  From our feedback surveys, here are some thoughts about the conference:

What were your primary goals for attending the conference?

Most stated that networking and professional development were achieved. A common response was that individuals gained insight into leadership issues for women in higher education and would be better able to navigate opportunities.  Hearing the experiences of senior leaders provided guidance and recommendations for career advancement.

What were your most valuable learning experiences?

The comments supported a focus on living a balanced life and the “human” style that the presenters projected.  As the theme of the conference suggested knowing the labyrinth to get to the top and the new normal were valuable lessons. Personal stories were found to be reassuring.  Being in charge of your own destiny and having self-knowledge will support career goals.

The success of the conference is due to the outstanding work of the conference committee.  Chairperson, Sue Henderson and committee members : Claudia Panettierre,  Clara Wajngurt, Esther Vansertima, Judith Tabron, Alice Pisciotta, Sandra Mew, Clover Hall and Linda Shatzer.  Their combined talents, creativity and commitment created the ingredients for success.

Planning is underway now for next year’s annual conference.  Recommendations from the feedback received from this year’s conference will be the input for planning the conference agenda.  Thank you to those who filled out the surveys so that we have your thoughts and ideas.

Best wishes on the launch of the new academic year.

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