NYS ACE Women’s Network is social… networking!

What social networking services do you like? You might not know that Twitter users, for instance, are on average more mature and more advanced in their careers than Facebook users. LinkedIn is nice to keep professional networking separate from personal networking. But then it’s so easy to share on Facebook, and so many people use it!

I love them all for various reasons, and we want to reach you wherever you are! You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

But you might not know that you can also follow us right from here, our own state website!

See these links in the upper right hand corner of the window?

By clicking on Posts or Comments, you can get a feed of posts (or comments!) that you can read with your favorite feed aggregator, like MyYahoo, Google Reader, or even RSSOwl (who makes up these names?).

But you can also click on By Email and subscribe with your email address. You’ll receive our updates in your email mailbox. Convenient and easy!

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